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Tomato Soup

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato March was tomato month in the TBYW kitchen! During the last weeks, our menu consisted of a variety of tomato dishes: tomato soup, tomato rice, tomato salsa, tomato sauce, tomato salad… you name it, we made it! Here are some recipes that all are about tomatoes: Tomato soup Soup […]

Cold cucumber soup with avocado and olive oil

Since I have been cooking with Taste Before You Waste, I am not so fond of the perfect equally straight cucumbers from the supermarket any more. As it turns out, cucumbers come in all sizes and shapes. Surprise! Apparently, the Dutch want their cucumbers to be long, straight and smooth. When I was traveling in […]

9 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Hoorah! Holidays! Feast feast feast! As we’re celebrating Christmas and New Year, we often want to eat fancily and have dinner tables full of food….which subsequently leads to a problem: Food waste!In a world where almost 1 out of 7 people goes to bed hungry, this kind of waste is a criminal. So talking about […]

Creativity in a no-waste kitchen

Taste Before You Waste’s cooking team prepares a delicious vegetarian meal every Thursday from food that’s picked up and saved from the waste bin. We can never predict what kind of menu we are going to cook on one of those evenings. Sometimes we only get cucumbers and plums, sometimes just big boxes with tomatoes, […]