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How to Keep Your Fruit & Veggies Longer

One of the most important keys to reduce your food waste is to know how to treat them in a way so that they will stay good the longest. There are many, many tricks to do so, but here’s a few that I have found the most useful: Treat your veggies like flowers! Noticed that […]


About a month ago, Taste Before You Waste participated in an event aiming to turn something as bad as waste food into something as important as essentials for those in need. It started when we were approached by five super motivated students from Amsterdam University College, determined to act upon the critical situation of the […]

Special Veggie Fries

Truth is, with some vegetables we just haven’t got a clue what to make out of them. If you’re trying to fight food waste, not knowing how to deal with certain foods is obviously no good. Once you’ve saved them from a Food Cycle Market for example, chances are that you’ll leave it lying in […]

No-Waste Apple Pie

Ingredients: Old bread, any type of bread works Apples or other fruits if you like Oat milk or any other plant-based liquid (even water works!) Raisins or any other dried fruits Cinnamon Very ripe bananas (optional!) Sugar or any other sweetener (optional!) Nuts (optional!)   Method: Soak the raisins in a small bath of warm water […]