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Tips and tricks on having a waste free Christmas!

The holiday season, most people’s favourite time of year, when chimes are singing, lights are shining, snow is falling and we are warming ourselves with delicious cups of mulled wine and hot chocolate. Nothing could be more perfect. A joyous season that revolves around, happiness, love, friendship, family and the acts of giving. That’s what this […]

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Crowdfunding recipe series!

  To go along with our crowdfunding endeavor, we decided to start a crowdfunding recipe series! This series will outline healthy, no waste vegan and vegetarian recipes that showcase and outline the use of certain cooking equipment that we at Taste Before You Waste need to buy and use. These recipes will showcase to he […]

Join the fight, help us Crowdfund!

Today we would like to share some news and information about our crowdfunding campaign. We are petitioning to raise some funds to expand our TBYW reach. The demand for our food and products is high, so we need our supply to grow, but in our current environment we are unable to cater for this increasing […]

Endless Dessert!

Watching the great British bake off on a rainy fall afternoon has got me thinking about desserts and baking, and let’s be honest, I will do anything to trick my mind into thinking it is spring time, to experience the wonderful feeling of a clear spring day, while a fresh bake is in the oven, […]

Food waste, a waste of time?

A big food problem! Food! It’s all about food, since the evolution of men it’s always been about survival, and one of the most important parts of survival is food. This makes food one of the most important parts of our lives, so it becomes funny or rather ironic that about one third of the […]

Tasting the Colours of Autumn!

As summer draws to a close, the trees start shedding their leaves and turning golden and amber colours, so does our taste change. As days get shorter and colder our stomachs crave warmer and heartier foods, and what’s better for our cold struck, sun deprived bodies than a hearty healthy stew. Root vegetables and squash […]