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TBYW goes Bio Romeo

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning on a cloudy Friday in Amsterdam. Twelve Taste Before You Waste members wait in front of the Dokhuis Galerie. We’re about to hit the road to Flevoland to visit Bio Romeo, a union of organic farmers.  Because nothing ever happens without unexpected events, one of our cars does not […]

New donation system

In June we introduced a new donation system for our weekly Wasteless Wednesday Dinner.  In this weeks blog post I tell you what changed and why the new system is necessary for the existence of Taste Before You Waste. You support us! Long story short: We adjusted the payment system because we need your help. […]

Elderflower syrup

It’s this season again. Elderflowers are blooming in every park and their white heads decorate the bushes. When you cycle or walk past them you can smell their enchanting scent. For me, the blossoming of elderflower marks the beginning of early summer. Indeed, their season ranges from May to July. In Amsterdam they have been […]

TBYW goes Berlin

In mid may Sophia Bensch, the Taste Before You Waste coordinator, visited the REFRESH Food Waste conference in Berlin. This get-together aimed to connect stakeholder groups who fight food waste.  Two days full of keynotes, brainstorming sessions, as well as cooking together was on the programme. Sophia gives you some insights on what happened at […]

Tropical Fruit Salad

It’s fruity, it’s juicy, it’s sweet, it’s healthy. A fruit salad is the perfect dessert for a hot summer day. This salad is prepared in less than 10 minutes and simply delicious. The mix of fruits you add to your salad is completely up to you. We rescued many cantaloupe melons and pineapples. Therefore those […]

Gazpacho Andaluz

The starter was a cold veggie soup that fit perfectly with high the temperatures of last Wednesday: A Gazpacho Andaluz. This refreshing soup originates from the region Andalusia in southern Spain. The recipe is very simple and the preparation won’t take you long. Gazpacho Andaluz is a perfect dish for summer because it nourishes you […]

Wasteless Wednesday Dinner recipe 17.05.2017

The Last Wasteless Wednesday Dinner took place when the sun was shining brightly from a cloudless sky. Few citizens found their way to Dokhuis Galerie to enjoy our dinner made out of surplus food. The ones who did, enjoyed it! We proudly share our recipes for all of you who did not make it because […]

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Food storage: Bad Neighbours

Some fruits and vegetables should not be stored next to each other because they influence each other’s ripening process. What causes the fast ripening? Who influences whom? Which fruits and veggies are bad neighbours? Find it out in this week’s blogpost. If you store your products advisedly, they will last longer. Subsequently you won’t have […]

Year End Report 2016 TBYW

It’s over. It’s done. This is the result of endless hours of work. We proudly present the Year End Report of Taste Before You Waste from 2016. Over the years our mission stayed the same: Serving consciousness on a platter and revolutionise the food system, one neighbourhood at a time. This blog post shows you […]