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Vegan Nettle & Carrot-top Pesto

Almost everyone I know throws them away, but the green tops of carrots are perfectly edible! You can eat them raw or cooked (no, they are not poisonous), throw them in a salad or make salsa’s and chimichurris out of them. I usually make a pesto with them. Ever since I discovered that you can make pesto with […]

Vegan Cream Cheese

Dairy cream cheese is delicious, but the horrors of the dairy industry for me do not weigh up against its taste – especially when you can make a cream cheese that tastes just as amazing without all the suffering. Moreover, where store-bought vegan cream cheese usually costs a fortune, making it yourself is a lot more affordable. And the […]

Pickled Veggies

Pickled veggies are awesome. They will keep for a while in your fridge and are nice additions to salads and sandwiches, or lovely to eat on their own. Moreover, pickling veggies is especially great when you have a lot of leftover vegetables that you will not be able to use up in time. You can try endless variations of […]